Sustainability and Enviromental Policy

Our Sustainability Policy

Our commitment as a business is to promote and constantly improve our company’s working practices to both the environment locally and globally, and to the well being of people we engage with in the course of running our business.

Our objectives are;

  • To make decisions in the business which adheres to and uphold all regulatory and legal requirements relevant to our industry, for the health and safety of our staff and customers.
  • As a responsible business we;
  • Plan our menus around seasonal produce
  • Buy from suppliers as close to Harrods as possible
  • Buy produce and equipment that has been grown, produced or made in the UK
  • Buy only British fresh meat that has traceability from farms with approved husbandry
  • Keep our vehicles in a clean, serviced manner and plan deliveries in a way to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Recycle all plastics and glass
  • Compost any waste food to reduce landfill problems


Our Food Policy

Our On-going aims and commitments are;

  • To provide staff and customers with healthy and nutritious food,
  • As a responsible business we avoid processed food & prefer to buy raw, unprocessed goods to prepare and cook to maximize nutritional values, we limit frying wherever possible & aim to steam, poach & bake.
  • To buy local we consider this has a significant positive impact on the carbon footprint of our business; we work with our suppliers to follow the same practice.
  • To never knowingly buy or use anything that has been, or contains genetically modified ingredients
  • To avoid over packaged products, unless they can be easily recycled. We avoid polystyrene and opt for biodegradable packaging and disposables